What is Three Hats?


We believe that when you enjoy what you do and how you do it, everyone benefits. We are passionate about helping you create a thriving company culture, where everyone is clear about their contribution, because you are clear about your direction, first.

"Three Hats" describes the three types of services we offer: business coaching, training and consulting. It also describes the three different perspectives in approaching your business: your Entrepreneur, Manager, and Technician. As an EMyth Certified Business Coaching firm, we’ll show you how you think about your business, impacts how you do business. \

We specialize in leadership, management and sales mentoring, coaching, and training. 

We start by assessing 1) where you are at today 2) where you want to be 3) what's currently in the way. And once we've established these details, the rest is about working together to execute on a plan to help you achieve your goals. 

Our Model: EMyth's Seven Dynamics Of Business

EMyth's Seven Dynamics Of Business
There are seven core dynamics, or disciplines that are critical to the overall health of your business. This business coaching process leads you through all of these core dynamics. While these business disciplines are universal across all industries, company sizes, and geographies, your journey through them is unique and customized to what you and your business is most needing attention on.

As EMyth Certified Business Coaches, we take our clients through the Seven Dynamics Of Business:

  1. Leadership
  2. Brand
  3. Finance
  4. Management
  5. Delivery
  6. Sales
  7. Marketing

These business disciplines all interconnect and help bring a cohesive and distinct brand that exemplifies your way of doing business. We also bring our consultation services to the table when needed, based on our team’s wealth of experience and expertise.

Considering how much time, finances, and energy that you invest, you owe it to yourself and your business to invest in YOU. It’s an opportunity to lead an enterprise that you are proud of. And one that makes sales easy because you inherently know the value that your business generates every day.

Explore The Seven Dynamics



Most business frustrations are rooted in an issue with leadership. In this section, we go deep with helping you clarify your values, passion, and purpose, and reconnect with what had you create or lead your business in the first place. We also clarify the Vision for the business and build out your CEO dashboard so that you are crystal clear about your direction.


In this discipline, we explore the real look and feel of your business. What’s the impact that you want every customer to experience upon any touch-point? This is where a consistent customer experience starts. What separates you from your competition? By doing the deep work of clarifying and then expressing your brand, your business comes alive in a new way. Your way.


For most business owners, finance is often the most avoided topic in a business. What if, instead of avoidance, you took this opportunity to completely shift how you related to money? What if you actually had the chance to understand what the numbers are telling you about your business? Are you clear how to utilize your accountant the right way? This sector is often where a business grows up to the next level in its own maturity, going from a job or a hobby, to a business.


If leadership is where most business frustrations are rooted, management is often where it shows up most visibly. Learn what it means to actually have an organizational strategy. The real secret of a successful company is shifting from the perspective of managing people, to creating a culture of ownership where people are inspired to manage themselves. This alone makes all the difference.


This is where you get to specialize in exceeding customer expectations. You can actually systemize an exceptional experience. This is the interface that earns brand loyalty, or has a business fall flat on its face. Learn how to raise your standard of ‘how you do it,’ and truly become an industry leader in your field.


If finance is the most avoided discipline, sales is often second. Learn how effortless sales becomes when you realize it’s all about having a conversation with your customers in what you are passionate about: how your products and services provide value and contribution to their lives. Learn sales systems that convert every possible opportunity into revenue.


Marketing is truly where the business gets relational with your customer-base. It is often the first experience that someone has with your business. Discover exactly who your target market is, and equally important, how to reach them. Here we specialize in lead generation strategies for your business in a way that’s completely aligned with your brand.