The Golden Key To Negotiation: Listening

In this TED talk, William Ury, top-level negotiator, shares something so simple that we often look past it in effective communication: listening.  He accurately states that "listening is the golden key to open the door to human relationships."

Whether you are managing, selling, overseeing customer accounts, or working with a business partner or others on your leadership team, negotiation is key to successful leadership. And listening is the key to negotiation.

William points out that listening has three powerful outcomes: 

1) It helps you to better understand the other side

2) Connect with others and build increased trust and rapport

3) You are more likely to be listened to if you have led in this way as well, thus making both sides more likely to get to Yes

Practice conscious listening in your next negotiation or conversation and see what happens when you put your full attention on someone else, and not on yourself.

How To Approach Millennials In The Workplace?

In this video, Simon Sinek offers that it is up to a leadership team to essentially re-parent millennials and help them get the structure and discipline they often lacked from parenting.  He also shares great strategies around eliminating distractions, such as smart phones, from meetings and the value of connection and attention in the workplace.  What do you notice in your company culture in regards to this challenge?

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Systematise Your Business
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