Why Your Brand Is The Heart And Soul Of Your Business


As a business coach, typically when I start working with a client and assessing their business needs, usually the first words spoken are along the lines of “I need more sales.” “I need more leads and prospects.” “I need to get my name out there more and attract the right customers.”

These are all true and completely reasonable. However, the one missing element that impacts your Sales, Marketing, and Lead Generation strategies more than anything else, is your brand.

Your Brand is the Heart and Soul of Your Business

Your brand is not just your logo. It’s not just your tagline. It’s not just the colors you use or your shapes and imagery. It’s not just your company uniforms, your web fonts, or your letterhead. Your brand is the heart and soul of your company culture. It’s the glue that make you, you. It’s actually more of a feeling, a gestalt of your company values, motives, and actions. It’s how you do it that makes your business unique and separate from the competition.

“But can’t we just get to the sales?”

For the business owners out there who say they just care about the outcome (more sales), you are missing the point in how to actually get more sales. This happens by getting really clear about who you are, what your company stands for, what are it’s standards you want your customer to experience, the same time every time?  

Creating a brand strategy is the basis for successful marketing and sales campaigns. Imagine the difference in your sales force when they are really clear about what makes their products and services unique. When they know the value proposition they are offering. When they become a brand evangelist at every opportunity. This can only happen in you first getting clear about your brand and your brand strategy. What is your voice? Is it consistent with your look and feel? Where are the gaps when looking for consistency across all aspects of your business? And then training your staff to get this from the inside-out.

But really, can’t we just get to the sales?

Thus the more clear you are in why you do it and how you do it, what you do has more meaning, clarity, and effectiveness when engaging with your customers. So in doing the hard work and rolling up your sleeves to discover and articulate your brand and what truly makes you different, you now have a chance to create relationships with your customers for a lifetime. When you know who you are (Brand Strategy) and you know who you are talking to (Marketing Strategy), Sales (the outcome you’ve been wanting this whole time) becomes a natural conversation that’s been wanting to happen.

…And if you got 30% more sales next week, does your business have the infrastructure to handle that?