The Risk of Leading


Leading is synonymous with risk-taking. The fact is, there's no way around this. Extending beyond your comfort zone, blazing a new trail, and moving through challenges often define one's character as a leader. Leading one's business is no different, and in many ways, is even more challenging, as there is so much personally at stake: capital, your career development, your dreams, and the impact of the lives of those in your business and beyond. It's a courageous leap to carve out your vision for your business, put it into action, and set the tone for your company culture or department, forever risking reputation, finances, and failure.

I know this personally as I've launched 3 businesses on my own and have learned a great deal each time. My first attempt was a disaster. Since I didn't have a business mentor, I patch-worked some help from colleagues in my industry, interviewed them and went forward with enthusiasm. After several months of pounding the pavement, I ran a negative profit. Not for lack of effort but for lack of strategy, systems and proper mentorship.

Yet the real stumbling block was me. I was afraid of getting out there, networking, selling, and even talking about my business. I believed in my services, but somehow this didn't translate externally. And I had no clue what my brand was. How was I really different than my competition? And truth be told, I was more interested in delivering my services than putting attention on my business development.

What changed over time is:

1) I started to get more curious and interested in business
2) I started to get more curious about me - and paid more attention to how I was getting in my own way through avoiding my fears and how this shifted to being willing to acknowledge and feel them. While I didn't have the words for it, I was embodying my own leadership the next degree.

My rough start didn't stop me and made me hungrier to push new edges, learn more about business, and launching 2 more ventures, while also getting valuable experience working for others in-between. Getting trained with EMyth was the ultimate as I got to learn how to EMyth my own business as I coach other business owners to do the same. 

I have learned that when fear comes up in the process of leading, counter-intuitively, it tells me that I'm usually on the right track. That there's a new edge outside of my comfort zone that I'm veering into. That I'm actually leading in my life and not just playing it safe.

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