No Size Fits All


The typical marketing approach for the past several decades has been to identify a market segment of the population, and develop a product or service that meets the needs of this group. What often gets lost in the marketing strategy is speaking to the actual function of your product or service. For instance, what happens when people use the same service or product for very different reasons? In other words, people get lost in their own bubble of what they do, and forget to connect with the diversity of motivations of their prospective customers.

In this great article, Clay Christensen quotes his Harvard colleague in stating "People don't want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole!" Meaning,  people have a specific need that marketers have to address. If you are getting lost in the greatness or universality of your own product and forget why your prospect is coming to you in the first place, you’ve missed this opportunity to reach your customer.

Getting Personal

So if you are a photographer, instead of spending your time and energy in speaking to a prospect on how great your wedding portfolio or video production is, how can you laser-in on the overall result they want? Do they want a beautiful wedding video that’s fun, quirky, personal and creative, that speaks to who they are as people? Do they want a classy album that captures the essence of their connection?  

If you are a Financial Advisor, what job are your customers wanting at the end of the day from you? What’s your version of the quarter-inch hole result that they want, versus over-explaining all of the different kinds of drill bits and tools that you have in your toolkit of financial products and services? 

What are the Top 3 reasons Why customers use your products and services? 

So much of marketing and sales is about communication and connection. If you understand their needs, you have the opportunity to get more personal. Are you communicating the simple needs of your clients even if they’re not consciously aware of them?  How can you find out? Ask questions! Get curious and discover what they are looking for as an overall result.

What are the top 3 reasons your customers buy from you? When and Why? The more you research this question, the more you can shape your marketing to your customer’s needs. Instead of an outside-in approach where marketers study the trends of segment populations, start with an inside-out approach where you learn the intimate details of why they are hiring you in the first place and what they want accomplished.  

For those in the photography, videography, commercial and digital arts and media space, in the NYC area, I’ll be going over these key distinctions and how to help identify the conversations you need to be having with your prospects, that will make all of the difference. For more, check out these upcoming events:

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