How do you get bigger than your avoidance?


No the answer's not coffee, keep reading.

As a business coach, I often experience business owners who face aspects of their business that they avoid daily. It could be budgeting, working on client management, putting together a new system or spreadsheet, filing and organization, making sales calls, networking, or a number of other tasks and initiatives. As a business owner myself, I’m not any different.

In fact, we all have aspects of the business we avoid. As a business leader, how do we learn to get bigger than the things that keep us in our comfort zone? How do we get bigger than the inner-saboteur that wants to stay safe, small, and keep things familiar and status quo?

Should I stay or should I go?

As Seth Godin wrote about in a past blog article, you are your own worst enemy, or your best ally. The key is how to change this around and to actually get into relationship with what you’ve been avoiding.  So at least you’re not avoiding what you’re avoiding.

After a recent coaching call, I had a client who took it upon himself to actually create a weekly list and make note of all of the different projects, initiatives, conversations, and people that he was avoiding in his business that built up during the week. He then made it a priority to set aside 2 hours on a Thursday afternoon to purposely tackle the things he avoided, one by one.

At first he dreaded when this block of time approached, but soon, he got into the spirit of it, poured a strong cup of coffee (hence the image of this article), and got to work on his previously-avoided tasks, and most importantly, on himself. He honed-in on his discipline, fortitude, and flexed his leadership muscles in looking avoidance in the eye and not backing away. In fact he even dared to lean into it.

This became so inspiring that I decided to begin practicing this myself and share this challenge with others (hence this blog article). Sometimes we all need help recognizing what our avoidance patterns are and what’s even underneath these patterns. What’s behind our particular version of avoidance and how do we get in our own way of truly leading from a different place in ourselves? I can tell you that this practice is having dramatic results for my client and I am beginning to see them myself. There will always be fear-points, places of overwhelm, challenge, and things that we avoid, and counter-intuitively, it is by facing these aspects directly and leaning into them with eyes open that help us move through them and get bigger than the smaller versions of ourselves.

Are you ready to move through your business challenges?

I’m leading a seminar in Boulder, CO on August 16 & 17 that will directly diagnose and address what you’ve been avoiding in your business, and will help you get bigger than today’s leadership and management challenges to lead your business to the next place it needs to grow.

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