Marketing From The Inside-Out

Branding is about who you are
Marketing is about who you are talking to
And Sales is the conversation in-between.

Marketing has changed from outside-in to inside-out. And most businesses still don't know it.

While the internet has become the predominant medium,  Marketing hasn’t changed all that much until more recently. Basic Approach: throw pasta noodles against the wall and see what sticks. Or in marketing terms: get your product/service in the face of everyone - and hope that someone responds. This is where outbound activities like pay-per-click, emailing campaigns, SEO optimization, and getting your digital footprint out there thrived in the beginning.

Nowadays, with everyone inundated with too much information, outbound marketing is often just another voice in the chorus of noise that most users simply tune-out. So how do you get noticed? What if, counter-intuitively it’s not about getting louder and more repetitive, but instead creating personal connection with your markets through something that you actually care about?

Here are some critical steps to turning around your Marketing Plan to an Inside-Out Strategy:

  1. Your Marketing Plan starts with you, not your customer. People don’t want to be interrupted anymore, they want to be related with. And this can’t happen if you don’t first ‘go inside’ and discover the core values of your Leadership Team and what your business is truly founded upon. So get out of the office, take your key leadership team members and get current with where your business is at and where it’s going, and what’s most important to you in terms of your customer experience. What’s meaningful for you about HOW you do business as much as WHY?

  2. Don’t overlook the obvious: exactly who is buying from you? Who are you actually talking too? Not just your dream client but the ones on the other side of the conversation? ‘In the particular lies the Universal,’ says James Joyce.  Meaning: the more you can get the specific world of your customers and truly understand what makes them tick, what they want in their life, and what they are needing, you will reach all of those who have the similar wants and desires. Whether you are offering financial services, web design or a new fitness app, if you don’t know your target and actual customers, than don’t go further in your marketing strategy, because you will throw money out the door carelessly. Instead, start with who is already knocking on the door.

  3. Make It Personal. Chances are, if you are not getting engaged in today’s Inbound strategies and social media, you are self-selecting out of building a relationship with your tribe. You have an opportunity to lead your business versus let it lead you.

  4. Make it Consistent. It’s one thing to say who you are, it’s another to live it. We all know leaders that talk the talk. And if we get honest, there are places where we all have a gap between what’s on the inside and what shows up on the outside, myself included. Once you are clear about your brand and HOW you want to do business, do you and your customers experience this day-in and day-out? If not, get curious about where the gaps still lie. This is the quickest way to get into alignment with a marketing approach that starts from the inside-out.

Ultimately you won’t have to tell people about your brand, they’ll feel it.