Being Yourself Trumps Trying To Be Significant

As business owners, we often get caught up in trying to be profound, significant, or different. And in that striving, we move away from something more humble. Something more honest. Something more real. 

Today's marketplace is able to feel through the difference between needing to be significant and simply being yourself, to a greater degree than ever before. 

What would your video of your products and services look and feel like?  And do you tend to play the overly-significant card, or do you hesitate to put your cards out on the table of letting people know how and why you do what you do? 

In other words, we all hide to some degree. Either behind our bigness and claiming to be more than where we are at today, or behind our smallness, where we hold back from standing for the great work that we do or how we touch people's lives. 

Being yourself in the business space is risky, and yet we live in a time where we are starving for more real connection than ever before. 

You can't get to a real solution unless you address the real problem. In fact, when's the last time you did a brand audit to help diagnose the gap between who you say you are and how that's lived and experienced inside your business and with your customers? Is your brand truly representing your values and how they are lived in the business? Or in trying to be perfect, significant, caring, loyal, cliche, you are not square with where you are at?

Curious what you discover, and where you see the gaps. And what you choose to do about it.