In touring Australia this past month, I got to bring fresh eyes to the landscape, and seeing everything new. From a business coaching perspective, this makes it even more clear when walking into a business and getting a sense right away of how 'switched-on' they are (one of my new favorite phrases = thank you Australia).

The Roadhouse Cafe

One of the clearest examples was this cafe pictured above called the Roadhouse Cafe in Byron Bay.  They were indeed quite 'switched-on'. This cafe happened to be down the street from the Airbnb rental I was staying in. They got rave reviews, so I needed to find out what the buzz was all about. 

It was easy to experience, as I walked into this smallish cafe at night, with pouring monsoon-like rain outside, and found one empty spot at the bar amongst a lively, international crowd. I was greeted by employees whom I could tell love working there. They were having fun, while gracious and respectful in the same breath.

Consistency is King

They had classy, exquisite music in the background, and after going there several times thereafter, there was always a different genre of music, but it was always quality. That's what impressed me.  No Top-40 to be found here. 

From the leather-bound menus with Roadside Cafe in Western print to the candle-lit ambience and decor, someone was paying attention on the most minute level. After they found out I was from the states, they offered me a sample of their homemade whiskey. Everything they did breathed care into it. From their food to their service and ambience, I was sold. 

I later found out they were a cafe by day, restaurant at night, and what was consistent was their care. They also happened to be known for the best coffee in town.  It's quite an indicator when your people love working for you. This always tells me the management is doing something right. And the brand can be felt at every touch-point.

Do your people love working for you? If you walked into your own business with fresh eyes, is your environment 'switched on'? Where it's not, are you moved to do something about it?