Practicing What We Coach

There I was, sitting in the audience listening to John Warrillow speak about what it takes to create a Sellable business. He wrote the book on it and even though I knew his methodologies and had helped coach other businesses to scale beyond the owner and become more sellable, I had yet to do this myself. 

Somehow hearing it from the outside, I was really able to let it in in a new way. And it hit me like a ton of bricks. I created a great job for myself but not a business. And even though I knew this the whole time, something shifted inside of me once I intuited my next step: to really scale beyond me and lead by example and not just theory. 

But There's Only 1 Me

I had created my coaching practice and hit a limit in how many people I could coach and deliver to in a day. I also realized that coaching wasn't the only thing I wanted to do. I also enjoyed teaching/training/presenting/traveling, creating new avenues for my business expression, collaborating with others, building my own business, and having more time for myself. 

In operating as a soloprenuer, I was beginning to limit the potential of what I was offering, and that I could serve the needs of many more clients by creating a Company and inviting in other coaches that I felt could serve the people that I wanted to serve. Then I got this moment of inspiration about the Entrepreneur, Manager, and Technician, the three classic archetypes from EMyth on how to relate to one's business, which is where the name Three Hats came from. To me the name also represents the three main services we offer: Business Coaching, Training and Consulting.

Thus I knew I needed to scale beyond myself and this is where I shifted my business name to Three Hats along with the new website. I outgrew my previous brand, which was based on my name. 

Living What You Coach

One of the biggest industry dysfunctions in the world of coaching is that we often don't practice what we coach.  Whether it's not creating our own budget, refusing to track our lead generation, or a not writing down our vision statement in where we are leading our own business, it's far too common for coaches to 'never get around to it.'

Three Hats already feels more like a business in a new way to me, that's not as dependent on me, even though I still have a long way to go. 

Now in my first year of business as a bona fide company I am excited in continuing to add new coaches who resonate with the Three Hats vision of helping make small business simple and finding real solutions for real people. I see teams of Three Hats coaches working onsite, leading workshops, and making a real difference in the lives of those they coach. 

I hope that my growing pains and journey help inspire your vision and to question if what you are currently doing still fits for where you see yourself and your business 3 years from now.