Transcending Time and Space: A Laptop, WiFi, and Headset

I just landed in Cannes, France after listening to my intuition that it was time to change things up and move from my small town in Southern Oregon. I had been feeling a strong compulsion to grow into my next challenge, and on a more global scale.  Moving to a country where you don’t speak the language is a good first step!

Ever since being introduced to the 4-Hour Work Week, I’ve dreamed about how to run my business from anywhere in the world. I was inspired by Tim Ferriss’s vision to not be limited by place and time, and to create and bring forward one’s entrepreneurial spirit from anywhere in the world. And while I coach business owners all the time to scale beyond themselves and to make sure that their business is serving their life and not the other way around, I was guilty of not living what I was coaching.

Hitting a wall

In fact, 2014 found me working harder than ever, leading events across the world that were fun but barely profitable, saying yes to every opportunity, and in essence, moving away from what really feeds and inspires me. I was not valuing my time and energy as I put ‘the adventure’ of it all in front of really listening to what I wanted and needed for myself and my business.  

Since then I have found ways to simplify and stay connected with what brings me more life, not less of it.  I have found ways to scale beyond myself and not be a technician of coach delivery 100% of my time. Last year I hit my wall and realized I needed to listen more closely to what really moves me and learn to say No in service of a bigger Yes.

Vive La France!

After bringing on some excellent coaches to my Three Hats team, I realized my next step: to take Three Hats Trans-Atlantic and base myself in Cannes, France for at least a year. It fulfills a dream for me of being immersed in a new culture in Europe by the sea, wine country and hills, being surrounded by a passionate, creative culture, writing a book, and helping develop business coaching opportunities across Europe with speaking engagements and trainings.

Due to today’s technology and using EMyth principles to systemize my business, I now have the means to realize my dreams to go for it and run my business from anywhere with a lap top, wifi, and head set.  

Thank you for crossing the Atlantic with me in this next chapter and great adventure for Three Hats. Look for future blog posts from the land of grape and cheese!  And I hope this provides some wind for wherever your sails may set. What if you could work from anywhere and set your schedule accordingly? What if your Golden Years are NOW and not when you ‘retire?’ Stay tuned for more...