Creating A High Performance Environment


It's easy to blame your people for not being accountable, listening to directions, and executing on results. But what if you're missing the mark and not seeing the way in which you manage and lead directly informs the results you are getting (or not getting)?

It's tough to look in the mirror and yet for leaders who do, nothing changes a company culture more rapidly. 

Join me for this half-day program on 9 June at the Supper Club in London to get some new tools and insights into how to create a high performance environment that results in less stress, not more.  Learn to identify your management style out of 9 archetypes and how to play to your strengths and fill-out your challenges. 

We'll also explore best practices in getting the most out of your team.

Hint: it's not about managing people, but about creating an environment for people to manage themselves. 

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