Is Your Business Ready for 2018? — Part Four

Is Your Business Ready for 2018?

There is often a debate between the logical and intuitive sides of our brain. And more pointedly, the question of which is the best place to make strategic decisions from? I say both!

The following is the final article of a series on the topic of intuition and leadership. More specifically, it touches on the importance of setting a plan for your company or department in the coming year, as well as knowing when to veer from it. Part four below focuses on acting on your intuitive senses.

Leadership requires you to have a plan or direction if you want to effectively enroll people in your mission. Whether it’s increased profitability, launching a new service, or making a greater impact you in your community, if you are not able to tell your story in a compelling way, it’s going to be difficult for people to follow you. And the more that you really believe in your pathway and can articulate the benefit for others, the more they will sense this and are far more likely to assist.

Leading is not just about having a vision or a plan, but also trusting your inner sense on when you need to make course corrections to that plan. So, in part three of this series, we explored putting more attention on when you get those intuitive hits or inner sensations that something feels ‘off’ or ‘spot-on.’ The next major step is what do you do with this information? The simple answer is to put your insights into action. But it’s not always that easy.

If we don’t act on our inner guidance, this muscle atrophies and there are usually negative consequences that follow. Where this gets challenging is when outside data is pointing in a certain direction, but you just have this feeling that something isn’t lining up. You could be reviewing your cash forecast, a candidate’s perfect resume, or your product development strategy for the upcoming year. And perhaps everyone in the room is in agreement that this is the right course of action to take.

But, if you feel strongly otherwise, what do you do in that situation? Do you have the courage to speak your inner sense? These are the moments where we step out and lead from the inside. It can be incredibly difficult in the face of raw data or other’s opinions. I know I have at times squelched what I was feeling in order to not make waves, or choose harmony over risking potential conflict. However, at the end of the day, this always came back to bite me and didn't serve other stakeholders as well.

When we don’t utilize our gifts, they tend to fade away. So, the only way to sharpen your tool of intuition is to make it a priority to listen to your internal signals in the way that you receive them, and then gain the courage to speak or act on what you are feeling.

The step of speaking and acting on what we are sensing, strengthens our connection to this inner resource, as we are honoring a deeper intelligence inside of us. We both honor ourselves in this process and serve those around us as we bring in a wider perspective to consider in decision-making.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series on the importance of setting a direction and plan for your business (and life) and also giving yourself the permission to shift gears when you get the intuition to do so.

Leave a comment and share where you are at in your own journey of how you are bringing your intuition into leading and setting direction.