Three Hats Transition


Business, just like life, is dynamic and all about transitions.

And we can choose to go with the flow or resist them. And each side has its own benefits and drawbacks.

When we live from our highest values, we might notice over time that we feel drawn to new orientations to our work, social life, career paths, life style choices, and getting even more clear about what's important to us.

And when we are in alignment with our highest values, we have more meaning, growth, and a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

One of the transitions that I've been inside of for a year or more is with Three Hats. We have been coaching businesses since 2011 and have thoroughly grown with and enjoyed working with so many incredible leaders and teams over the years globally.

People, like you, who are trying to bring their best forward every day, deal with all of the challenges that come along with the journey, and provide and amazing life for yourselves and families.

There has been a birth of new expression and orientation to business and business growth that feels fresh, bold, and timely, that I'm excited to announce in the course of this next month.

Teaser: there is a new company name, look and feel, team, and most importantly, mission, that we'll be shortly announcing, that's centered around developing intuitive intelligence for leaders and teams in the business space.

One of my dreams is to help business leaders and cultures improve their decision making, leadership and innovation through learning to integrate the best of their inner wisdom with the data and analytics at-hand for even better decisions that are in alignment with our highest values. And this is the first step.

And it starts with the announcement that my upcoming book, Decisive Intuition, is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble for pre-orders!

It would mean a lot to me if you checked this out, read the description, and if our material interests you, to support this movement through placing your order today!

Thank you for being part of our community and we look forward to bringing you along with us to the next destination of personal fulfillment and business intelligence.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks to learn more about what's next.

To your success and fulfillment,

Rick Snyder