What is Intuitive Intelligence?

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23 years ago, Daniel Goleman’s book, Emotional Intelligence came out on shelves, and revolutionized the business world.

While at first there was resistance to developing ‘soft skills,’ cultivating emotional intelligence on your team is now seen as a no-brainer as it results in greater engagement, productivity, and success in relationships across your business.

There is a new wave of intelligence that’s rising that involves developing our refined skills as leaders, managers, and effective communicators. And this next wave is called intuitive intelligence.

Intuitive intelligence is the ability to access our subconscious mind for faster and more integrated decision making.

Businesses that harness intuition have an invisible edge over those that don’t. The challenge is in guiding staff to use their intuition in a way that’s relevant to your business.

Fifteen years of working with leaders across every industry have shown me that those who rely on intuition to inform their decision making are exceptional at cultivating a culture of adaptiveness and agility.

The result? Innovation thrives. Creativity blossoms. Teams readily overcome challenges that might otherwise leave them fumbling.

Check out this video to learn more about Intuitive Intelligence and how you and your team benefit from developing this skill in your company culture.

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