The Invisible Edge


As mentioned in last week’s blog, we are transitioning Three Hats into a whole new business venture that is focusing on developing Intuitive Intelligence for leaders and teams.

This transition of this new direction and inspired purpose dawned on me in writing the last chapter of my book, Decisive Intuition.

What got clear is that I’m inspired to help people gain the confidence to listen to, trust, and act on their inner guidance in their business and in their lives. I know for myself the benefits of when I make decisions from this place, and the consequences of when I don’t.

We all have access to a deeper source of intelligence that we often ignore or disregard throughout the day. Especially when we feel stress, pressure, or are overly-influenced by the data and analytics outside of us, or the louder voices in the room.

You know what I’m talking about. Those moments when you look back and you knew that you should have listened to that feeling or message that you received and disregarded. In fact you might still be kicking yourself for not doing just that.

Well what if you can learn to identify your intuitive signals and cues earlier on and include them in your decision-making process for more creativity, innovation, and impact?

That’s what our new company, Invisible Edge™ is about.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be unveiling our new website and some of the new services and programs that give companies and organizations an invisible edge over their competition, as they learn to integrate their inner wisdom with the best of their data and analytics.

Excited to share this unfolding journey with you,


PS - If you haven’t pre-ordered your own copy of Decisive Intuition on Amazon, now’s your chance!