Part 4 of 4 of Embracing My Failures: Fail Fast

 Image via: CMG Partners

Image via: CMG Partners

The theme of this month’s blog posts are centered around embracing my failures in running a business. The number one ingredient to changing my perspective around seeing failures as learning opportunities, was getting mentors in my life who’d been there, done that, and helped me see a new way of approaching challenges. 

Fail Fast

A leading tech company's mantra is: Fail Fast. This speaks to the heart of entrepreneurialism. If you are not making mistakes, coming up short or overshooting targets, then you are playing it safe and not innovating. 

Failing is a part of learning and it’s how we grow. The aforementioned motto is powerful because it inspires risk-taking, action, and getting involved versus sitting on the sidelines with a bad case of analysis paralysis. Failing fast encourages your team to think outside-the-box and look for ways to disrupt the status quo. Embracing real innovation means that your company culture knows that making mistakes are part of the human journey and how we evolve. 

Get a Mentor

I have grown the fastest and learned the most from my failings with the help of mentors and coaches. As the adage goes, “We can’t see our own eye.” There are things all of us can’t see about ourselves and we literally need the help of others to get around the corners of our own awareness limitations. 

When someone is able to reflect something to me that’s outside my radar, I win. They are contributing to me if they are confirming a truth that I needed to hear again, or if it’s something that I had no idea about. Having these trusted people in your lives that you can go to as a sounding board, helps you become a better leader, family member and friend.

Re-frame Failure as an Opportunity to Grow

Instead of seeing failure as a...failure, how can we shift our perspective and see it as an opportunity to learn and grow? Growth happens at the intersection of challenge and support. And when we have the right mixture of the two, and bring a more supportive attitude toward our biggest challenges, we have the fuel to overcome them. 

Thanks for tuning into our series around embracing failures. Check-out our FB live videos for a more in-depth conversation on these very topics from this past month HERE. For more information on how to turn your biggest breakdowns into breakthroughs, contact us at [email protected]