Part 1 of 4 of Intuitive Sales: Slowing Down


The theme of this month’s blog posts are focused on intuitive sales; and more specifically, learning to let your intuition guide you in sales for more impactful results.   

Whether you sell consulting services, software, health and wellness, construction, or any product, intuition is the great differentiator in business. Listening to and trusting your intuition in the sales process separates you from the pack as most people are not listening to theirs. It’s in listening to your intuition that you build more trust, connection, and a win-win result. Yet developing intuitive skills for sales is rarely talked about in training, ongoing education, and mentoring. 

And for those of you who are averse to sales, it’s time to make peace with the fact that we all sell. Persuasion and sales are a fundamental part of life. Whether it’s a product or service, or a point of view in politics or religion, we are all selling or promoting what we value. 

The Missing Ingredient

We have more robust CRM platforms than ever before with better sales metrics and tracking, yet what’s not emphasized enough is the key ingredient in sales that will never change: the relationship.

There is no replacement for learning to listen to our intuitive nature and sensing what is happening in the space between ourselves and the prospect. This awareness puts us in a closer relationship with ourselves and the person in front of us, as we begin to tune into the signals and cues in our environment. The key to tapping into our intuition is slowing down.

Slowing Down

So often, salespeople get caught up in getting the buyer to cross the finish line or “the close.” The problem with this is that you are no longer in the present moment with them as you are off into the future. Yet in the present moment is where all the data you need to know is occurring. This is where the sale happens.

For example, when you slow down, breathe, and take a pause from your script or what you think you should say next, what are you noticing with the person in front of you? Are they hesitating? Do you pick up something in their body language? Are they excited and present with you? Are their eyes glazed over?

And what do you notice in your own experience? Are you bored? Are you feeling engaged and curious? Is your attention all on yourself and the facts about your product, or are you really focusing on them and what they are wanting and needing? Did you even take a moment to truly ask them this question? 

Deepening Connection
Teach your salespeople to slow down during the sales conversation. When you slow down and get really present with the person in front of you, their whole story and their whole world open up for you. When you put full attention on what they are saying, what they are not saying, and how they are saying it, you open up your awareness to not just the content, but the context of where they are coming from. 

This is where you join them in what they truly want and need. This is where the sales happens. 

When we slow down, our intuition finds us. We are able to take in more information and access our subconscious, which is where intuition lives. From here, we might even be surprised at the level of detail that we start to notice in the quality of the conversation, or something about the person in front of us, that has us want to learn more. 

And when a buyer feels like you actually are listening and that you actually care, relationship builds. 

Practice listening to your intuition and instinct on what needs to be added to or excluded from the conversation, in order to build a better connection with the person in front of you. When you can slow down and become more aware of their reactions and responses as well as your own, you are on your way to more authentic and powerful relating, which is the key to sales. 

Stay tuned for the rest of our series on intuitive sales and in the meantime, check-out our FB Live for a more in-depth conversation. For more information on how to train and develop your intuitive skills to improve your sales results, contact us at [email protected] 

Stay tuned for the rest of our series on intuitive sales and in the meantime, check-out our FB Live for a more in-depth conversation. For more information on how to train and develop your intuitive skills to improve your sales results, contact us at [email protected]