Part 3 of 4 of Intuitive Sales: Checking-in with Your Inner Radar


The theme of this month’s blog posts are focused on intuitive sales; and more specifically, learning to let your intuition guide you in sales for more impactful results.   

Now that we have covered the first key steps of getting in-touch with your intuition for greater results in sales in terms of slowing down and then asking open-ended questions, the next step involved checking-in with your own inner radar.

You inner radar is informed from your full bodily intelligence, which is where at least 75% of communication is happening all the time. That means your gut, your heart, your solar plexus, and the neuroreceptors throughout your whole body. 

The fact is that we are picking up on information around us, but we are not aware of most of it as this would be overwhelming.

When we slow down and start to pay attention to what’s happening in the moment within a sales conversation, we are developing our inner radar which helps us detect what’s happening nonverbally in the relational space between us and the buyer. And this is where all the critical signals and cues are happening.

The key is to start tracking what you are feeling in your body when you are engaging with a prospect, and then using this information to engage more intuitively with the person in front of you.

Your Tracker

What do you notice? What are the inner indicators and signals telling you? What do you choose to share from here or simply make note of? 

Do you get a sense that they need more information about the topic? That they are hesitant for some reason? Or that they have a question that’s bubbling to the surface that needs to be answered? Perhaps there is something off-putting that you want to check-out and ask a question around?

Learning to listen to and trust your own inner radar with all of the signals and cues you pick up on will over time, become a reliable resource of information on how to direct the sales conversation. 

The more you practice listening and discerning what your own system is telling you, the more you can build relationship and use this as a guide on what to ask next. 

Intuition is just about feeling into what the moment needs. Ask yourself what does the space need? What does the person I’m with need? You don’t even need to know what it is. You just need to know that you are feeling something. And then you give yourself permission to say it. 

Practice tuning into what you feel in your next conversations this week. How can you use this data to build connection and deepen results if you are applying this to sales?

Stay tuned for the final part of our series next week on intuitive sales and in the meantime, check-out our FB Live for a more in-depth conversation. For more information on how to train and develop your intuitive skills to improve your sales results, contact us at [email protected].