Part 4 of 4 of Intuitive Sales: Speak the Subtext

  Image via: Pinterest

Image via: Pinterest

The theme of this month’s blog posts are focused on intuitive sales; and more specifically, learning to let your intuition guide you in sales for more impactful results.   

The final step in our series of accessing your intuition in sales is speaking the subtext. In some ways this is the most powerful step. 

One phase of deepening your intuitive skills is to listen to what you sense and feel. The next phase of deepening is to trust what you sense and feel as reliable. The third and final deepening of your relationship with your intuition is to speak or act what you sense or feel - or in other words - bring this into reality. 

This is how change happens. 

You are taking your inner intelligence and bringing it out into the outer world to interact. And this is what impacts a sales conversation and increases your connection with others and your conversion rates.

There’s the content of the conversation and then there’s the subtext. The subtext is like the cartoon bubbles that reveal what an animated character is really thinking in a dialogue versus what they are saying. 

An example of this is when everyone at the family dinner table says that they are “fine,” but you can feel the tension in the space. The subtext never lies. Revealing this takes art and skill, and is the quickest path to getting into a deeper relationship with those around you. 

Train Your Team

You can train yourself and your team to listen to the subtext when they are in a sales conversation. The best way is to listen to sales recordings. You can literally slow down and stop the tape and train your salesperson to track what they were feeling, and what the prospect was really communicating in that moment. This can also happen when you shadow a salesperson in the field or provide mentoring. 

In fact, I’ve seen sales increase across teams by over 30% from following these four practices that have been laid out over the past month. And through speaking what you pick up on, your inner radar brings the doubts, fears, questions, hopes, and dreams that are already in background of your conversation, to the foreground. 

When it’s done as a question and coming from a place of curiosity, it truly opens up the space between you and another. When this happens, they buyer will typically appreciate this level of attention to detail and intuitiveness, which will have them trust that you can guide them toward the solution they really need, not just what they might think they need.

This is the key. You are leading the sales conversation through your intuitive skills and instinct, which is much more natural that over-relying on scripts and data about your product or service. 

I hope you enjoyed this series! For more information on how to train and develop your intuitive skills to improve your sales results, check-out our FB Live and contact us at [email protected]


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