Intuition on the Road


Here at Three Hats, we focus on helping you build and scale your business so that you can have consistent results and a company culture you are proud of. We also specialize in training leaders and teams to become more intuitive, resulting in more powerful decision making, innovation, and leadership.

One of the hardest parts of listening to, trusting, and acting on your intuition is discerning the thoughts and voices in your head from the deeper intuitive intelligence in your body and subconscious. 

That means if we are going to train it, we need to walk our talk. 

The Experiment

For the month of June, I’m embarking on a road trip through the southwest region of France - which is made up of Pyrenees mountains, wine country, the Atlantic Ocean and sleepy surf towns - and let my own intuition do the leading. That means not making reservations in advance and truly listening each hour and each day, to where I feel guided towards. Whether that’s engaging with people, seeing if a hotel or Airbnb has vacancy, or if I want to stay in a certain location longer or pack up and move on, the month is dedicated to listening to my inner compass in everyday life when it comes to decision making. 

While this may sound romantic, is scares the sh&* out of the part of me that likes to have control and plan everything out. I find when I integrate the opposite polarities of discipline and surrender, there’s a deeper flow that my intuition naturally taps into. 

The discipline is about making time for and tuning into my inner compass, and taking action on the information I receive. The surrender is about my mind letting go that it always knows best and that I need to always control my circumstances. Flow is what happens when we each have a right balance between engaging in the process and letting go of the outcome. 

As leaders and managers, we are being asked to refine our own intuitive intelligence in order to be more adaptive, agile, and responsive in the changing times. We are needing to read-out the signals in our environment to best motivate our teams, stay ahead of the marketplace, anticipate around corners, and get to the bottom of what our clients need and want. 

Listening to our inner compass is essential in decision making, and provides an invisible edge over those that don’t. 

I’ll be sharing lessons learned from the road on my Facebook Live page. I’ll also share a written summary at the very end of the month. I hope that this can be an inspiration and an invitation to tune in more deeply to your inner compass throughout the day.

Thanks for following along and stay tuned for more! Feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you want develop intuitive decision making for your leaders, managers, and sales team.