Part 2 of 4 of Intuitive Sales: Asking Open Ended Questions

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The theme of this month’s blog posts are focused on intuitive sales; and more specifically, learning to let your intuition guide you in sales for more impactful results.   

Once you’ve slowed yourself down in the sales conversation and gotten present with the person in front of you, you also get more present to their needs and desires. This is the key to sales and in building relationship. You have also avoided the biggest mistake that most salespeople make: they keep the attention on themselves and what they are selling and forget to put their attention on the buyer. 

All too often, the salesperson stays in their comfort zone of what they know about their product or service, and are afraid to get more relational with the buyer. 

When you are in a sales conversation—instead of leading with all of the details of your product or the five tips you just learned from your latest sales training—start by asking open ended questions that help you really get a feel for what they are wanting with your product/service and how they intend to use it. 

The more you get them talking about themselves and what their passions are, or what discomfort they are wanting to avoid, you arrive at what really matters to them. Open-ended questions are the opposite of yes/no questions which are conversation-killers. 


For example, if you are selling blenders, you might ask: “What are you intending to use this blender for?” You will open up the opportunity to join with them on their passions such as cooking or juicing, or even something functional that they just need to make their life easier. 

If you are selling website services, you might ask: “Why are you looking for a new website right now?” This question will give you insight into their intentions, vision, and what they want for their business. 

Whatever you are selling, asking open-ended questions helps you understand how they intend to use your product or service, and gets them excited about what they need or want.

If you are not getting enough information, use your intuition on what to ask next, and trust your inner guidance until you feel a connection with what the person in front of you wants.

Practice asking open-ended questions this week with prospective buyers and see what happens when you engage them with curiosity, openness, and deep listening. Chances are they haven’t had an experience of someone being this present with them in a long time.

Stay tuned for the rest of our series on intuitive sales and in the meantime, check-out our FB Live for a more in-depth conversation. For more information on how to train and develop your intuitive skills to improve your sales results, contact us at [email protected]