Intuition on the Road: Not too tight, not too loose

 Via  Instagram : "Today's walk: Cirque de Gavarnie. One thing that I love about trekking is all the new ideas that come to me." 

Via Instagram: "Today's walk: Cirque de Gavarnie. One thing that I love about trekking is all the new ideas that come to me." 

I just returned from a month #intuitionontheroad through the French Pyrenees and Basque Country. The point of the journey, besides experiencing the beauty of what this part of France has to offer, was really about coming into a deeper alignment with my own inner compass when it comes to decision making. This is pertinent for me as I’m writing and teaching about this most important relationship that we all have access to: our intuition. 

One of the biggest lessons that I’ve been learning about in working with my inner compass, is finding the middle path between not forcing anything, yet not just waiting for life to show me a sign. 

Too Tight

One of my challenges is that I can get a strong intuition about something, and then hold onto it as ‘truth,’ too tightly. The problem with this is that we are constantly receiving new data all around us, all the time. The moment is changing all the time and informing us with new data. What felt right two weeks ago might not be current today. A concern with hiring a new staff member might feel very different a week from now. This is why it’s so important to not get stuck in our mindsets of what ‘should’ happen or what ‘ought’ to happen when it comes to using your gut instincts in decision making. 

Intuition is about being open to receiving data in the moment. In real time. When you are dwelling on the past or imagining the future, you are not present with what is happening right now in the middle of your sales conversation, boardroom meeting, project plan, or how you think ‘things should be.’ This frustrates the mind as the mind wants something solid, predictable, and consistent. Yet as we all know, life and relationships don’t fall so easily inside a predictable spreadsheet or formula. Instead, when we listen to our inner compass in each moment when contemplating a decision, we have a more immediate relationship with our environment, which gives us a distinct advantage in terms of innovation. 

Too Loose

The other side of the spectrum are the times when you might be waiting for a sign, and not actually take an action step forward in your business or your life. This can look like analysis paralysis as you might be ‘waiting for a signal’ outside of you if you should invest more money in your business, take a risk with hiring a new marketing agency, or put more resources toward a new product. 

You can be in a holding pattern as you wait for some magical, intuitive sign to appear out of the heavens, meanwhile missing the opportunities that are in-front of you. Sometimes you need to jump in the water first, to learn that you can swim. 

Finding the Middle Road

The key, I’ve been learning, is being able to have enough discipline to check-in with yourself, listen to what your inner guidance is picking up on in a given situation, and not just going with what your logical mind thinks. And at the same time, also letting go of needing to force any outcome based on what you sensed. It’s about continuing to listen to the conversation within, as you let this inform the ones without.

How do you balance your inner knowing with not holding onto it too tightly? 

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