Part 4 of 4: Intuitive Decision Making That Sparks Innovation

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As many of you know, I’m writing a book, Decisive Intuition (out on shelves March 2019), that’s based on the premise that when we listen to and apply our intuitive intelligence alongside critical thinking and analysis, we make better, faster, and more holistic decisions in business. 

This leads to greater innovation and leadership as we include all of the data around us and are even more informed than just relying on what’s in our heads. This month’s series gives some insight into how you can apply your own intuition in any critical decision making process in your workplace (and beyond). And if you like what you read and want to see a workshop on this exact topic at SWSX 2019, scroll down to the bottom of this page and help us by voting this into existence!

Access Your Subconscious Mind for Greater Decision Making

In Part 1 of our series, we looked at engaging your conscious, rational mind for critical thinking around any workplace dilemma you are facing. Part 2 focused on accessing your heart intelligence. Part 3 focused on activating your gut intelligence. Today, we bring it all together. 

The Body Is Wiser Than The Mind

As we have neuroreceptors in every cell in our body, we need to tune into our whole body experience and be open to all of the data that we might be feeling and sensing in the middle of a business negotiation, a challenging management meeting, a key sales conversation, or any area of the business. 

Step 5: Engaging Your Whole Body Experience

Step 5 picks up where we left off in the last post after accessing the heart and gut centers of intelligence. 

This time, we are going to focus on the whole body and not a particular center. Even though we have three brains, we can also get information in any area of our body. 

Slow down your breath, and tune into your whole body. Do a body scan where you bring your attention to the top of your head and slowly move down the front and back side of your body all the way down to through your torso, legs and feet. The more you slow your breath down and bring your awareness to this exercise, the more present you will be to listen to the cues and signals that your body is revealing for you. 

Now ask the question that you are focusing on in your business, one more time. Re-state your decision, first in the positive, such as “I am asking for more funding,” and see what you notice. And then try the opposite, “I’m not asking for more funding,” and do the same. 

Drop your mental chatter about it all, and put your full attention on your whole body experience. Breathe here and listen for what information comes to you as you stay with the question. Notice what data you get simply by being with the wisdom of your body? 

After spending some time here, write down anything that comes to you. Data could come in the form of words, images, texture, warmth, coolness, sensations, etc. Typically one of the decisions will stand out to you more than the other, in terms of your inner cues and signals. And it could come in the form of a No which might look like a tightness, contraction, hearing or seeing the word No, or a bad feeling in your system. It could also come in the form of a yes where you might feel a warmth or sense of openness, lightness, or even an affirmation. 

The key is to begin to decode your own intuitive language and how your own inner guidance system speaks to you. The more you practice this, even on small decisions, the more accurate you will get as you build up this muscle for future ones. 

Write down what you notice without any judgment. Notice what stands out to you even if it doesn’t make sense to your rational mind. You are still just gathering data at this stage, so simply track all of what you are noticing from your whole body experience.


Lastly, take a step back and look over your notes from all the previous steps. As you look over your pros and cons list, the date you received from your heart, gut and whole body, what stands out as you review everything? What is most obvious to you at this stage in what you need to do?

Keep in mind, your intuitive intelligence doesn’t always guide you toward what is ‘comfortable’ or ‘easy.’ Sometimes the bigger picture is about leading your toward your next steps of growth or that for your company, which is often outside of your daily comfort zone. 

Your decision should be clear at this point. Even if it scares you. I’ve had great success with business leaders and teams who were willing to go through this intuitive decision-making process and in essence where on one-hand surprised by the results, s well as relieved, as it often confirmed their deeper intuitive intelligence that they were somewhat aware of already. 

If you find this helpful and think others would benefit, please vote for this two-hour workshop to be presented at SXSW in March 2019. Community voting accounts for 30% of the panel picking process and we would love your support and bringing this process to the wider masses. Please follow the link HERE to cast your vote. Thanks in advance for your support!