Facilitating Innovation With Teams Part 4: Disrupting Routine

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Over these four weeks, we are covering a four-step process on how to inspire your team to think outside the box and contribute to your goals from their intuitive intelligence, resulting in more creativity and innovation. Part 1 we looked at how Leaders Go First. Part 2 focused on building Safety and Trust within your company culture. Part 3 involved encouraging intuitive thinking. Today we focus on disrupting routine and normal ways of thinking.


Interrupting typical patterns of thinking and helping your team get out of their heads is an effective way to bring intuition into your company culture. If you keep finding yourself stuck or stagnant on the same problem and see no way around it, disrupt your typical routine or mode of thinking or that of your team’s.

This is where getting outside, stepping away from the computer, engaging in a physical exercise or mindfulness practice can be so helpful to change your brain states and get into more of a flow state where you can access your subconscious creativity and intuition.

Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal, the founders of the Flow Genome Project, have dedicated themselves to this research and define flow as “optimal states of consciousness where we feel our best and perform our best.” It’s when performers and high achievers describe being “in the zone,” where they are so focused in the moment and the task at-hand, that everything else disappears in the background.


Play is a key disruptor and one that is often lacking in the business context. We accept the value of play as children, but we don’t often appreciate how vital this is to business and decision making as adults, in sparking the creativity, joy, and ingenuity of staff.

One business I’ve worked with brings in improv classes as an option for learning how to intuit the moment and play off of other people in social dynamics. Translating improv classes into business has tremendous upside.

In fact, Chicago’s famous Second City improv troupe has expanded to lead corporate trainings. Business schools at such universities like Duke and Stanford are including improv classes in their curriculum to help future leaders cope with a rapidly changing environment.

They have noticed that their staff leave these classes feeling more confident, think faster, embrace failure more easily, increase awareness, improve listening skills, and learn how to read-out social dynamics and cues which has directly related to their role in the company. By breaking up routine patterns and modes of thinking, you are creating space for individual and collective intuition and genius to flourish. Now let’s look at how to assess the level of intuitive intelligence within your organization and how to make your company culture smarter.

So whether it’s taking your team out of the office for an ‘off-site’ or finding other creative ways to step away from the computer and change up the environment through movement or stillness, disrupting normal ways of thinking allow your team to get out of their conscious mind and into their subconscious, which is the birthplace of creativity and intuition, and allows your team to make faster and more holistic decisions.

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