Real leaders recognize the need to keep growing. Scott Cook, the founder of Intuit, was asked, ‘What would you do differently from the beginning?’ He said, ‘I should have gotten a coach 31 years ago, not 7.’ We all need reflection to see the things we can’t see in ourselves. Our coaching makes an art out of this. While not giving you all the answers, we honor what got you here and challenge your next steps to help you come into your own experience as the capable leader that your business and your world have been waiting for.

How could coaching help me?

We’ve experienced clients doubling their revenues in one year of coaching. We’ve also helped business owners find more passion and purpose in what they do and why they do it, which creates an environment that people want to be a part of; your employees and your customers. Secondarily, we often hear how business coaching transforms other key relationships and perspectives in your life.

How does coaching work?

First step is to have a complimentary business consultation. Once we assess for mutual-fit, then we’ll discuss next steps of the structure of coaching and your short-term and long-term roadmap to reach your goals.

What coaching is and what coaching isn’t

Coaching is about asking the right questions, giving you perspective and guidance, challenging your assumptions to grow beyond your comfort zone, and helping you come into your next version of leadership. Although we go deep, we are clear about our boundaries that we don’t venture into the domains of therapy on the one-side, and consulting and ‘telling you how to do it,’ on the other, unless consulting is our explicit agreement.

Affinity Group Coaching

Group settings often result in the most powerful way to learn and implement. It is also a profound way to hold yourself accountable to your business via the group, as well as getting feedback from those who are in the trenches with you. Inquire about Affinity Group structure and rates. Minimum of 4 business owners.

Client Results

It's simple. Work with us and you'll get results. These clients did. Are you ready?

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