While coaching teaches you how to fish, consulting is a way to get direct feedback and guidance in improving your leadership, personnel and systems. Our team is ready to help you strategize and execute beyond today’s challenges.

Business Coach Mentoring

All of us need mentoring to continue growing our own leading edges and development. Business coach mentoring is the perfect arena to deepen engagement with yourself, your clients, and to practice what you coach with your own business. 

Onsite Consulting Services

One of the most effective ways to get instant feedback, begin, or deepen a business coaching relationship is an onsite visit by our team. We diagnose and prescribe the best strategies and implementations moving forward based on our 360 degree coaching view through interviewing key team members, assessing your operations and personnel, provide training and 1-1 executive coaching in the service of overcoming your biggest frustrations, or simply moving from good to great. 

Brand Strategy Consulting

We help you clarify what your brand is, and what it's not, and help you articulate how you want your customers to experience you, and if this is really happening. We work with your USPs and taglines to help you get a deeper sense of the value you are offering. We also conduct a brand audit and test for how your brand is consistently expressed throughout your business. We don’t do actual design work of logos, websites, etc. but will give you feedback and prepare you on reimagining your brand. While we don’t design your logo and graphics, we will help you strip away the layers to get to your brand strategy that expresses your core values and passion that customers will feel while differentiating you from your competition.

Financial Consulting

We help you create a fully integrated financial process that addresses your financial health, both short and long term.  We do this by assessing the current state of all the financial statements and forecasts, internal controls, financial systems and interviewing key team members.  We will uncover what steps are necessary to maximize your financial health, profitability and cash flow.  We will recommend the key metrics necessary for you and your team to effectively manage the business toward achieving your financial goals.

Management Consulting

We help you clarify your entire management process and make recommendations to achieve better efficiency, productivity and profitability.  We do this by assessing the current state of your Organizational Structure, your Operating Critical Path, your Financial Performance and interviewing key team members.  We will uncover what steps are necessary to create the well-oiled machine you know your business can and should be.  Our focus here is very integrated with your strategies and will allow you to create a business prototype that you can scale beyond yourself.

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