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Management Workshop

  • Rembrandt Hotel - London 11 Thurloe Pl London, SW7 2HW United Kingdom (map)

Manage Yourself, Manage Your Business: An EMyth Approach to Systematized Growth.

David Foster, EMyth Certified Business Coach & Presenter.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015 at 09:00 - Thursday, 4 June 2015 at 17:00 (BST)

London, United Kingdom

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EMyth Certified Business Coaches Rick Snyder and David Foster present:

Manage Yourself, Manage Your Business:

An EMyth Approach to Systematized Growth.

Management. It’s often one of the most frustrating and mysterious aspects of business. It’s one thing to have a vision and to be able to see the big picture of where you want to be. And it’s another to be a true craftsman in a particular skillset. But most businesses fail due to the lack of management in connecting the direction of a business to the planning and implementing of executing the results you want.

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The missing dynamic that most business owners don’t get is that if you can't first manage yourself, then you can't really manage others. If you are not embodying leadership in what you want to see in your company culture, then how do you think that affects your staff, and eventually the customer experience?

And now more than ever, employees (and customers) can sense when you don’t walk your talk, and the disconnect that happens when you talk about your brand versus living it.

This 2-day intensive EMyth workshop is an advanced management workshop to help you uncover some of your own leadership blindspots, in order to strengthen your people and systems development, so that you can scale beyond yourself and get on with leading the business.

Day 1:  Managing Yourself

You will get coached on how you are getting in your own way from creating the culture and results you want. We will explore practical ways that your leadership style is affecting your company and what to do about it. You will also learn some powerful self-management strategies and techniques that will save you time and money, as well as set the tone for what you want to see with your staff.

Learn how to prioritise your duties into actionable steps and reduce your current level of overwhelm. You will also learn how to effectively manage your time, workspace, and environment for growing in 2015 and beyond.

"Before I attended the workshop, I thought I was aware of the problems affecting my business and wanted solutions. It was a humbling experience to realise I was wrong in my analysis. What I thought were problems, were symptoms of deeper underlying issues which were both uncomfortable and untouched. Since the workshop they are no longer untouched. I now have an invigorated sense of tackling them. The workshop has been a mix of emotions on so many levels, but the most important is relief at having been offered a practical systematic solution."
Robin K., Owner, Teddington


Day 2: Managing Others

You will explore a rarely talked about dynamic in the world of business: Authority. How to recognize authority dynamics that play-out in the business structure and how to deal with your most complex management dynamics with staff, especially if you work with family or friends. Even if you are a solopreneur and don’t think you have to deal with others, this is even more reason to learn about how to manage vendors, suppliers, contractors and projects. Learn EMyth’s structure for accountability with others and how to create an environment for them to be self-responsible.

You will also learn strategic thinking and getting to the core issue of your business frustrations, as well as our System Action Plan to help you create a solution to your top challenges. That’s right,we have a system to create systems, which put EMyth on the map around 40 years ago in the business space. Learn how to identify and tackle your biggest frustrations finally!

“What I really liked about the coaches is that they have their own businesses which gives them a lot of credibility. Having the chance to step back away from the hurly burly of everyday operations and focus on the strategic issues affecting your business has huge value.”
Ben Afia, Owner, Afia, Nottingham

What else is included?

  • A complimentary 60 minute post-workshop business consultation with an EMyth Certified Business Coach who will help you integrate and reinforce what you’ve learned and help you plan the next steps to implement management strategie into your business.

  • A 30-day free trial to EMyth’s online coaching platform

  • An exclusive EMyth personal workbook for you to build your plans in and take away

  • Morning tea and coffee with a top class four-course lunch on both days

Your EMyth Certified Trainers:

Rick Snyder - Rick's entrepreneurial career started as a lad selling calendars door-to-door half-way through the same calendar year. He didn’t get the lesson that next year’s calendars would have sold better, but this experience began his entrepreneurial hunger and learning from his mistakes. He's owned three businesses, and coached and led workshops for business owners globally. Rick's an engaging, passionate speaker who is able to ‘laser in’ on a business owner's key frustrations and challenges, facilitating effective solutions leading to profitable results and more enjoyment. He lives in Ashland, Oregon, USA and is an EMyth Certified Business Coach and Presenter. Visit

David Foster - David's been recovering from his first entrepreneurial seizure since starting his first business selling sweets aged 10. Since then he’s owned several businesses, discovering along the way the freeing revelation that he didn’t know it all - leading him to EMyth. He's passionate about helping people discover what drives them and encouraging them to grow beyond their limits. David's married with two young children, loves sport, home-grown food, cooking, the outdoors, and staying out of his own way. He's an EMyth Certified Business Coach and Presenter, and owns a business coaching and consultancy practice called Purple Pig in Saffron Walden, Essex. Visit, and

About EMyth

EMyth is the global leader in transformational business coaching. We've inspired more than seven million business owners through our best-selling book, and we've coached more than 70,000 owners to become better leaders, find systems to improve their business and, simultaneously, find ownership and meaning in their work. Grounded in hands-on client experience, EMyth helps small and medium-sized businesses grow through a comprehensive business coaching curriculum, with a cloud-based platform as well as personal, hands-on guidance with a certified coach. For more information please visit

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