Director William Snyder was brought on to lead Three Hats to new heights. With his wealth of experience, he leads the Three Hats team of business coaches and consultants that are employed to helping you scale smartly and effectively, strengthening your brand and customer experience, and helping you reduce the hats you wear in your business, for greater freedom and profitability.

Rick Snyder

Founder, Lead Business Coach, Presenter, and Consultant


Rick Snyder has been coaching since 2004 and has started 3 different businesses. The first time he launched, he had no blueprint or real mentoring on what to do. Over time, he learned from his mistakes and challenges, and eventually patchworked mentorship and help from different areas to build a successful business, which to him meant that it was also fulfilling. It wasn’t until he joined forces with EMyth in 2011 that he realized it doesn’t have to be so hard, as they already templated how to lead and systemize a business that can reflect your values and scale beyond you in the same breath.

Since then, Rick is dedicated to helping business owners define what’s most important to them in their life, and how to create or reimagine a business that expresses these principles in a meaningful and profitable way. He also is a presenter, workshop leader, and mentors other business coaches. He loves spending time outdoors, traveling, and is writing his first book. He is currently based in Oregon. 

Michael Harkin

Business Coach and Presenter

Michael Harkin - Three Hats Business Coaching, Training and Consulting

For nearly 20 years, Mike Harkin has been involved with every aspect of business operations - from working in the trenches to managing a world-wide company. He is passionate about helping each business owner face their fears and frustrations and achieve their vision. Mike knows the impact and power of coaching, having used it himself to face his own worries and uncertainties.

Mike is an MBA grad and an EMyth Certified Business Coach. Mike is also the founder of FeO, a world-wide corrosion engineering company. He has worked with both profit and non-profit companies, as well as serving as an officer with the USMC. He currently lives in Missoula, Montana with his wife and children.

Ed Sinko

Business Coach, Presenter, and Consultant

Ed is battle tested in business successes and failures during a 35 year entrepreneurial career. He literally tried 5 times with limited success before he was able to own and lead 2 businesses simultaneously generating $8MM in GAR each with over 80 employees.  They were both started from scratch and the return on investment earned him over $1MM per year.  He was able to lead both organizations by learning how to scale them far beyond himself.  In 2003, he refused an offer made by a motivated buyer of $3.1MM because the buyer was not in alignment with his company values and brand.  His values-based decision making developed as a result of the 2 ½ years of EMyth coaching he received.  You name it and Ed likely has had the same challenge as you for better or worse.

Ed has also come to understand that none of his experience matters in coaching unless it can be channeled in a meaningful way to help you achieve your goals.  He has now invested the last several years of his life learning how to channel his experience in a meaningful way through his EMyth Coach Training and by the real life laboratory of working with clients and prospects of all different sizes, industries, challenges and personalities.  His commitment to continued learning and development is there for life. He currently resides in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and has 3 children.

Catherine Lenihan

Business Coach and Presenter

Catherine Lenihan is bi-lingual professor and business coach and has been advising and coaching businesses and nonprofits for over 10 years.  She began by serving as CFO, while getting her MBA, and then pursuing a career in higher education. As a professor, her areas of practice are Marketing and Entrepreneurship.  She has started three businesses, two of which continue to succeed and co-owns another business that has been in business since 1990. She works with her clients with passion, enthusiasm, business savvy and sabór (Spanish for flavor!). She loves working with small business owners whom she admires for their courage and their contributions that are the economic engines in the community.

She lives in New Orleans, Louisiana with her husband and two boys.  She surprises most people her Spanish language abilities and lethal latin dance moves.