Kathryn Sarkissian Gets Her Real-World MBA

JonSar Studios is based in Brooklyn and provides commercial photography for an impressive portfolio of magazines as well as photography and video for the wedding and boudoir spaces.

The Johnson Sarkissian brand was well-known internationally in the past, and our work has centered around re-establishing their brand identity today, product development, and repositioning them as a leader in today’s market with all that has changed in social media, marketing and infrastructure. In the past, they were the brand, and are now discovering how to scale beyond themselves.

Working with Three Hats as my Business Coach has been extremely rewarding. I feel as if I’ve gone to school for my MBA with a trusted adviser guiding me through. I have begun to see major growth and improvements in how I manage my time, my leadership skills and how I deal with clients. Three hats has helped me put systems and procedures in place so that my business serves my life not the other way around.
— Katherine Sarkissian, Partner, Johnson Sarkissian Photography