Tom Pepple Boosts His Revenues And Profits

Retail Profit Systems provides ATM, payment processing solutions, and Dinerware services to numerous merchants along the west coast.

Our work has consisted of helping Tom reimagine his branding and marketing to position his company’s success for the years to come. We have also enhanced his sales strategies while making sure his management and operations structures are solid and always innovating.

I have much gratitude and respect for Three Hats and the EMyth team. Building an enterprise which serves the owner is why most people start a business. Three Hats have inspired and guided me towards this reality. I spent the first 15 years running on a treadmill and the last year getting off it. Today the inspiration is with our employees as they have the structure, support, vision, and opportunity to take us to the next level.

We operated a profitable company before I met Rick but now we have tangible and intangible objectives, measurable performance, clear expectations and a team focused on excellence. This year (2013) we are experiencing double digit growth in top line revenue and net profit will be increased at least 35%, our best year ever. Seeing measurable performance inside the business AND having more time outside the business was my objective. Mission accomplished. Thanks Rick!
— — Tom Pepple, Owner/CEO, Retail Profit Systems