Peter Ross Learns To Develop His Staff Into Leaders


I arrived in Georgetown, Guyana for a 4-day onsite intensive. What we accomplished in the 4 days was remarkable. Peter later admitted that he’d never worked so hard ON his business and discovered and put effective strategies in-place in real-time.

Indesco Team

A big focus was transforming his company culture into a culture of ownership, empowering his staff to increase their standards in self-responsibility, teamwork, competence, and exceeding customer expectations. I first interviewed the entire staff to get a 360 degree view of the business, and there were some dormant contributions and ideas that were able to come forward with this invitation.

In bringing Rick onsite to my business, we identified the hidden contributions from my staff, and seized immediate opportunities to implement strategies and systems that we can use right away. In having Rick onsite, I was able to communicate in the present moment which is invaluable. We see each other face to face and he really gets to experience my environment. He helped me identify some of my weaknesses and strengths as a manager and leader that I had not been facing or bringing to my business. And having him out here is the pivot point that we needed.
— Peter Ross, CEO, Indesco, Guyana

Together, we diagnosed and implemented the crucial delivery systems that were missing in his business to ensure consistent results with their customers. After training the staff on an effective leadership tool that is used to get at the root of business frustrations, I facilitated system solutions and Peter and I witnessed the staff transform in front of our eyes as their involvement and brilliance provided contributions that were not seen before. They knew bringing me in meant that Peter was serious about helping move the business from good to great.

After getting their financial house in order, they are truly making strides in a more disciplined approach to business development. Now Peter’s passion and big vision for his business can be executed and carried forward with the systems and culture of ownership that have now been established.

The onsite coaching was so profound, Peter’s intention is to have me onsite 1-2 times per year. He recognizes that a growing business will always face challenges, and is committed to staying proactive with and a step ahead of these changes.

In coaching with Three Hats, I’ve learned to clarify my own purpose for why I’m running my business in the first place. In deepening my understanding of leadership, I now know what it means to develop my employees into leaders themselves. Three Hats have helped me get clear about my unproductive habits and has shown me a pathway to something new. If you are dedicated and serious about shifting how you run your business, I highly recommend coaching with Three Hats.
— Peter Ross, CEO, Indesco, Guyana