Tom Wemyss Increases His Revenues 400%

PurePoint Energy installs solar technology for residential, commercial and agricultural markets, and is leading the alternative energy movement in the Connecticut area.

Our work has consisted of helping Tom build his CEO leadership dashboard of exactly how he wants to develop his business, and then executing on this plan from his leadership and management systems, to branding, finance, and sales. His previous year was his best in history and sights are set for next year’s continued profit goals.

Over the past year and a half that I’ve worked with Three Hats our revenues have increased 400%. They helped me create an identity for my business that’s aligned with my values and passion, and new customers have been walking in the door as a result. Our company culture is more cohesive and clear than before, and my staff is aligned in a single mission: to be the best solar power company in our region. And we are well on our way.
— Tom Wemyss, Owner/CEO, PurePoint Energy, Norwalk, CT