Andy, Jason and Don See Change Happen Immediately To Their Company Culture

Revel creates beautiful logos and websites and provides cutting-edge marketing for businesses in the Michigan area and beyond. 

When I walked into Revel's office the first time, I was greeted by a slideshow of me: images that they had gotten from the internet. They later explained that they did this for all prospects and guests who walk in the door to provide that personal touch. I was impressed. Even though we had been coaching for 6 months or so, it's these moments, when I'm 'Onsite' that I really see and feel all the angles of the business. 

We worked on how to bring this personal/customized touch to their management infrastructure and team, and Jason, Don and Andy welcomed reimagining how they got work done and strategized ways to be more productive. We worked on partner, employee, and customer structures that are now coming to fruition in helping Revel extend their brand experience to everything they do.

When Revel was ready to take our company from good to great, Three Hats was the best investment our company could have made. Sometimes you need another perspective to bring your company to the next level. Three Hats brought the expertise Revel was looking for. One of the greatest validations of investing in business coaching is watching the immediate change in our company culture: where our employees wanted to work and our managers wanted to manage.
— Andy Maciejewski, Partner, Revel, Muskegon, MI
Simply put – Three Hats gets it. Rick and his team gave us the focus we needed to take our company to the next level through strategizing with our leadership team, mentoring our management, and helping us build the missing systems that will now allow us to scale. When you’re ready to take a leap forward with your business, call them. You can’t afford to wait another day.
— Jason Piasecki, Partner, Revel, Muskegon, MI
If you want to maximize the impact on your leadership team and get the most out of your coaching experience, onsite coaching is essential. Three Hats were able to uncover key areas in our operations and personnel that will no doubt make us more effective.
— Andy Maciejewski, Partner, Revel, Muskegon, MI
I have to say, I was a bit skeptical of the value of getting business consulting in general, but once we hired Three Hats, I was hooked. I highly recommend their services, and the onsite visit was essential for taking us to the next level - don’t shy away from it! Our staff loved their involvement, and you can feel the difference around here. We’re looking forward to more from Three Hats!
— Don Kalisz, Partner, Revel, Muskegon, MI