Jim Hacking Risks Coaching And Reaps The Benefits

Hacking Law Practice LLC is a pioneer in standing for immigration rights and law as well as working with personal injury clients in the St. Louis area.

When I arrived at Jim's firm, I was moved by how open and curious he was to get honest feedback about his business.  We looked 'under the hood' together and found some missing systems in their operations that are already beginning to bear fruit. After interviewing key staff, I also got a better picture of all aspects of the business and where able to integrate everyone's feedback for improving the employee and customer experience. Jim has a much clearer vision on where he's leading and his growing profitability is a great indicator that everything is right on track.

When I met Rick, my company was puttering along. We were having good results, not great. Our clients were satisfied, but not ecstatic. Some months were good, some were so-so. Results varied and a lot of the management of our company was up in the air. Working with a business coach seemed like a daunting (and expensive) task. I had a lot of concerns. ‘What if this doesn’t work?’ ‘Is the money worth all that?’ ‘How will it work when we live thousands of miles away from each other?’

We have been working with Three Hats now for seven months and the change at our office has been remarkable. I finally have a handle on our finances and have systems in place to track and monitor revenue and expenses. We have a focus that we never had before and, more importantly, a much stronger awareness of where our business stands at any given moment.

The Three Hats philosophy has helped us to push through mental blocks (real and imagined) and helped make change much more achievable by breaking down success into small, digestible steps. Given today’s technology, it is as if his office is right down the hall.
— Jim Hacking, Owner, Hacking Law Practice LLC, St. Louis, MO
Recently, Rick spent a day with me and my team at our office. This provided a whole new level of insight for me and allowed my team the opportunity to be heard. We had several breakthroughs and are now working on some really exciting changes to our operations. The whole team is excited and our clients are benefiting.
— Jim Hacking, Owner, Hacking Law Practice LLC, St. Louis, MO