Leland Builds His Management Infrastructure To Handle More Growth

I arrived in Kirksville, Missouri on a 9-person Cessna from St. Louis. It ended up feeling like a roller-coaster ride as it was a stormy night and the pilot did what he could to steady the craft. Once I landed, Leland greeted me and gave me a tour of Kirksville to understand the environment of his business. It makes a huge difference for me as a business coach to not only meet the staff and physical grounds of the business, but to also get a sense of the culture that surrounds it.

Cambridge Plumbing provides affordable clawfoot tubs, vanities, high-end fixtures and faucets. We spent two days together where I met and interviewed his staff, toured the warehouse, observed the operations as well as having focused time for 1-1 executive coaching and led a sales training with his sales team.

Having Rick onsite gave us both the opportunity to get a deeper understanding of how to best work together to achieve the results that I want. In doing this, we kindled the working relationship and made the coach/ client relationship more effective. Rick helped me AND my employees realize our strengths and weaknesses and ways to create more productivity and personal fulfillment. When he saw the business first-hand it made him a better coach for my business, and me a better leader.
— Leland Allemang, Owner, Cambridge Plumbing

We mostly focused on strengthening his organizational strategy and management infrastructure to help the business stay current with its remarkable growth. Sales are up and business has been steadily increasing this year, which often reveals any gaps in any business’s infrastructure. Cambridge Plumbing is no different and Leland knew that by having me out there, I would get first-hand, today’s challenges in continuing to comfortably grow to the next level.

After clarifying his organizational structure for the coming year(s), we then planned specific action steps to help him achieve his vision, which there were some incredible discoveries along the way in finding the best roadmap to see his company triple in profits in the coming 1-2 years. New passion and focus was also breathed into Leland from a leadership perspective, as well as his staff in working together to truly make this experience something special. Leland continues ongoing coaching to further implement what we started in Kirksville.