Rebekah Gets Clear About Her Vision And The Rest Falls Into Place

Itinerary Managers, based in Nigeria, provides visas, international travel documentation and organization, and customized trips to key destinations around the world to government and private sectors.

I am amazed each day how with clarity in our product line our potential revenues have tripled. Our possibilities have become endless. With Three Hats direction we created a company culture and watched in awe at the energy and fulfillment it gave to our employees.
It was a life changing experience for me to work on our business with the counsel of a Coach. Someone else who truly believed in my capability as a business owner and leader.

For me, I ‘d say if you really want a Coach who will tell you the truth about your business and who holds you accountable to yourself, you need to sign up with Three Hats. It changed my business, it changed me as a person, and our business is no longer an encumbrance.
— Rebekah Okhidievbie, Managing Partner, The Itinerary Managers, Lagos, Nigeria