Sherry Learns To Hold The Big Picture While Not Losing Site Of The Day-To-Day Details

Rise Above Dyslexia provides tutoring, screening, and education for teachers, parents and children who are effected by the challenges of Dyslexia, in the Bay Area.

In coaching with Three Hats, my business has grown in many ways, but the most significant transformation has been in my leadership skills. With support from my coach, I have learned to stand for the value of my business and get a financial strategy that helps me focus on the big picture while making sure I don’t lose sight of the smaller, but critical details. This experience has helped me to stay on track in meeting my goals and objectives. As a result of my coaching from Three Hats, I am in the process of becoming the leader I have always wanted to be.
— Sherry Black, Owner, Rise Above Dyslexia, Fremont, CA